What We Do

BEASY software enables Fortune 500 brands, fans, enterprises, and artists to forge relationships and conduct commerce in ways never before possible. Based in Boston, BEASY is a blockchain technology specialist with patented differentiation at the intersection of fantastic consumer experiences and dramatically reduced enterprise risks.


Blockchain’s extraordinary ability to verify, transfer, and enforce the transfer of ownership rights make it the newly discovered ‘missing link’ of true online global trade. BEASY customers are pioneering digital commerce and global trade in three specific domains.

Blockchain for the Sports Entertainment Industry

Sports & Entertainment

Supply Chain & Logistics

Trusted Data Sharing

How It Works

BEASY makes blockchain easy to use for enterprises, organizations and universities. BEASY Dashboards provide governance and control along with education, analysis and continuous improvement.

Enterprises use BEASY to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce verification and networking costs and improve productivity in two fundamental ways.

Supply Chain
Trusted Data Sharing


BEASY provides innovative low-code blockchain applications, enabling enterprises to adopt private blockchains and realize business benefits quickly.

Who It Benefits

Blockchain technology impacts all business functions from sales, marketing, distribution, and finance to procurement, operations, services delivery, and regulatory compliance. Founded with a mission to make blockchain easy for all things business, BEASY’s products deliver unique experiences along with measurable business results and lifelong customer relationships.

Who Can benefits from using blockchain