The National Bureau of Economic Research states that enterprise blockchain can eliminate traditional verification costs and deliver innovative new products and revenue streams.

BEASY demonstrates how it can be done by identifying candidate transactions, defining cost reduction targets, and incentivizing desired behaviors through tokens and enterprise branded digital ecosystems.

We have seen the greatest initial interest from senior executives in the following industries:

Sports & Entertainment

Supply Chain & Logistics

Trusted Data Sharing

Sports & Entertainment

Sports leagues around the world are using blockchain to retain and engage fans, sponsors, and investors in ways never before possible.

Additionally, the sports industry wastes millions of dollars in contract verification. BEASY has a custom solution designed to allow athletes and sports organizations to regain control and stop losing money that they should receive.

We enable sports organizations to:

  • Add digital products tied to ticket sales, incentives, and hedges against stadium avoidance.

  • Mitigate counterfeiting risks (tickets, merchandise)

  • Tokenize player contracts and capitalization tables

  • Create and sell new digital assets that keep fans in their seats longer in lopsided games.

  • Create and sell new types of digital trading cards and digital collectibles.

  • Enable fan voting on certain team decisions.

Supply Chain & Logistics

More than $1 trillion is spent annually on the design, procurement and movement of goods in the electronics industry supply chain. Despite monumental efforts by manufacturers and distributors, inefficiencies still account for more than $100B of annual spending. BEASY solves traditional problems and creates new opportunities for electronics supply chain participants through industry-specific modules, smart contracts, and workflows. BEASY helps supply chain participants – including competitors – to verify and trust the true state of shared information at regular intervals through the use of BEASY Cubes.

  • BEASY Cubes are smart contracts built around industry use cases. Cubes provide a simple modular approach for applying blockchain in the context of a CXO’s business problem.

  • Cubes impact processes across the enterprise including Design Win Registration Tracking, Co-op Marketing, Spot Market Procurement, and Inventory Management, as well as Credit Card Cost Control.

  • BEASY products work inside or with all cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and SAP. BEASY is easy to try, easy to use, and easy to customize.

  • BEASY delivers measurable, fast results and builds confidence in blockchain, one use case at a time.

BEASY helps manufacturers and distributors improve efficiencies both internally as well as across organizational boundaries. Users may create employee-only business consensus networks to verify agreed-to terms themselves regarding shared information of any kind, from any system or platform.

In addition to multiparty consensus networks, BEASY users may solve very specific business problems, such as using networks for collective efficiencies as well as within their own companies’ boundaries, or quickly creating a real-time trading network with permissioned partners for immediate settlement. With blockchain-based smart contracts, businesses can track chains of custody and product authenticity. Additionally, by integrating with the finance department, they can easily implement and execute smart contracts to improve trade financing.

Trusted Data Sharing

Each year, healthcare payers and providers in the U.S. spend more than $496 billion on billing and insurance-related (BIR) costs. According to a study from the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), U.S. businesses spend about twice as much as necessary on BIR, a significant portion of this waste is on data validation. A secure, blockchain-based solution can quickly address the data-validation issue and minimize waste.

BEASY addresses a number of challenges facing the healthcare industry and enables businesses to:

  • Streamline and authenticate Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), as well as physician onboarding and renewals with payers and providers.

  • Improve data accuracy for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance and efficiency.

  • Increase insight and compliance with payer smart contracts.

BEASY helps insurers address these issues, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce operational costs. It allows healthcare businesses to quickly create real-time, secure, compliant networks. With blockchain-based smart contracts, they can significantly improve data verification, increase auto-adjudication rates and revenue, and mitigate out-of-network events. Additionally with smart contracts businesses can reduce DSO and more quickly comply with CMS audits.