While still a start-up, BEASY offers enterprise-grade, multi-tenant software solutions that combine the benefit of SaaS with the flexibility of protocol-agnostic blockchain interoperability.

  • BEASY Sandbox Blockchain Network – The BEASY Sandbox provides a powerful environment creating and testing innovative blockchain-enabled digital products and services in a private or semi-public blockchain network.

  • BEASY Smart Contract Technology – Preconfigured BEASY smart contracts address critical security and privacy requirements associated with identity management and the trading of fungible and non-fungible crypto-currencies, tokens, or digital trading cards including anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), CCPA, and GDPR-type data privacy protections.
  • BEASY Blockchain Abstraction API – The BEASY API enables any enterprise or organization to create their own private-labeled blockchain networks, and to seamlessly connect their network with any other blockchain-based digital ecosystem or network of their choosing. The BEASY API facilitates easy-to-configure smart contracts, multi-tenant user management, and is compatible with all major blockchain networks.

  • Front-end Web Components – BEASY offers user-consumable front-end web components that fully address and eliminate the traditionally complex backend development effort required for user onboarding, user management, wallet transaction processing, and the rebroadcasting of wallet transactions back to the blockchain – drastically reducing blockchain-related implementation costs. Just BEASY It!

  • BEASY Wallet – The BEASY Wallet is fully customizable and can be deployed in any customer mobile or web environment or application. Built on the Ionic React and React Native frameworks, the BEASY Wallet automatically connects with sockets on any website running the BEASY front-end web components. The BEASY Wallet decouples traditionally bound user management and key storage processes from the website itself, thereby eliminating the possibility of keys being hacked or stolen. By removing the storage and management keys, BEASY removes the possibility of keys being hacked.

Implementation, Support, and Maintenance

  • Implementation – We use a “step-in” approach that simplifies and accelerates your implementation, eliminates risk, and provides a cost-effective and transparent pay-for-what-you-use pricing model.

  • Support – We provide a flexible support model to match your unique environment and fit into your firm’s business strategy.

  • Maintenance – We take the worry out of deploying hardware, configuring software, and maintaining your data warehouse. We ensure your platform remains fully compliant with the latest industry regulatory requirements.

Architecture & Engineering Components