Who Benefits

Who Benefits?

Every Enterprise

Quality at the Source. Continuous Improvement. Scale. Compliance. Control. Growth. Differentiation. BEASY’s applications and smart contracts deliver them quickly.

Enterprise Executives

People use blockchain, not businesses. No matter the business function – sales, marketing, operations, finance or legal – BEASY helps any executive create and implement new revenue-generating products in sales, marketing, and finance.

  • Just like the Internet, blockchain can and should be used by every
    executive in the C-suite in ways that benefit the entire enterprise.
    Unlike the Internet, however, blockchain can verify, transfer, and enforce the transfer of IP – which means that smart contracts can be official legal instruments providing security, privacy, and control. BEASY provides a quality-at-the-source solution for the C-suite, guaranteeing a forensic linear heritage or link between every smart contract and its originally-signed legal documents. This provides confidence and control to the CFO while enabling other C-Suite executives to innovate with smart contracts.
  • The demand on C-suite executives’ time is intense. With increased global competition, businesses need to optimize and improve constantly. With easy-to-use solutions designed for the entire C-suite, BEASY improves transparency and efficiency, reduces AR/AP cycles, and increases compliance at a lower cost and time-to-implement than other blockchain solutions. BEASY solutions are CFTC, FTC, and FINRA compliant and allow companies to quickly integrate and enhance their existing blockchain investments.